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Our unique optimization service will have your resume generating more job interviews. Get started now or schedule a free consultation over Zoom video.

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How We Make it Happen


ATS Formatting Optimization

Using the same ATS software models as the companies you’re applying to we can instantly tell whether or not your resume would pass the filter. We then know exactly what formatting and content issues to fix so that your resume makes the cut. Learn more here >


ATS Keyword Matching

For a resume to be truly ATS optimized and be seen by a human, it must be tailored to the job description. Provide us with the jobs you are interested in and we'll modify your resumes keywords to match what the ATS needs to see.


Eye-Tracking Optimization

Once past the ATS you need a busy hiring manager to quickly spot your qualifications. 

We migrate the content of your current resume to one of our templates that are evaluated and designed with eye-tracking technology. This ensures fast visual attention to your most important qualifications.

Watch our video to learn more >

What You'll Receive

ATS & Eye-Tracking Optimized Layout

We'll migrate your info from your current resume to one of our ATS & eye-tracking optimized templates best suited to your work history.

Tailored to Specific Job Listings

5 versions of your resume custom tailored to 5 specific job listings of your choosing for superior results.

One-on-One Resume Education

15-minute Zoom call with your resume specialist. Learn all the resume secrets and get answers to your questions.

More job interviews.

Your resume will get past more applicant tracking systems and into the hands of more hiring managers, adding up to more interviews for you.

Ideal Resume Success Stories

Dee R 

Georgia USA

Lisa D

Florida USA

Best resume service ever! Tried Ideal Resume when my previous resume did not receive any call backs. Reapplied online with my new Ideal Resume version and received a reply for an interview the next morning!

I cannot believe that I already got a call for an interview! Your changes have absolutely worked. I HIGHLY recommend Ideal Resume.

Risk-Free Consultation

Questions about our services? Start with a free consultation. Schedule a time to talk with us one-on-one via Zoom video conference. We'll discuss your resume and propose a personalized optimization strategy for you.


Getting Started is Easy


Upload a copy of your current resume and provide links to the jobs you want.


Schedule your one-on-one Zoom call with your resume specialist.

Receive Results

Receive your ATS keyword optimized 

resume, ready for use. 

Learn more about our unique approach to resumes


Frequently asked questions

How does the process work?

Upload your current resume. Fill out our quick getting started form and provide links to the jobs you want to apply to. Schedule your 15-minute one-on-one Zoom call with your resume specialist. During this call your specialist will learn more about your work history so as to better optimize your resume. From there, we get to work on your resume. Your specialist will develop 5 tailored versions of your resume that match the jobs you indicated interest in. Receive your optimized resumes, start applying and land your next job interview.

What is eye-tracking technology and how can it benefit my resume?

This video explains eye-tracking technology and we use it to benefit your resume and job search.

Who is this service for?

Any job seeker. If you've been applying to jobs, but not hearing back, it's not you, it's your resume. However, our servce will not help a candidate land interviews for jobs they don't qualify for. But if you've been applying to jobs that you qualify for and haven't been hearing back, then we can help.

What is an Applicant Tracking System and how does it impact my job search?

Read our brief article on Applicant Tracking Systems to learn more here.