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Trusted by job seekers around the world

AI-powered tools to help you land your next job faster

Use AI to keyword optimize your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter. Prepare for interviews, generate personal branding content in one click, and much more.

Resume optimization platform

Build ATS-optimized, job specific resumes with the power of AI.

Score your resume

Ideal Resume scores your resume on key criteria that recruiters, hiring managers, and applicant tracking systems, look for. Upload your resume and follow easy suggestions to boost your resume score and interview chances.

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Scan for skills

Ideal Resume does the work of identifying the important skills and keywords from the job description for you. All you have to do is add them to your resume.

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Add your resume

Copy and paste the text of your resume. Add your resume now >

Add a job description

Add a job description you want to apply to.

View results

Get instant results and optimize your resume to land an interview.

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Make your resume stand out

Large companies receive millions of resumes a year.

Corporate job postings often attract thousands of applicants. Ideal Resume helps you tailor your resume so you get noticed in a crowd.

Automated-hiring systems are excluding many people from job discussions at a time when additional employees are desperately needed.


“ These systems (ATS) are vital; however, they are designed to maximize the efficiency of the process. That leads them to hone in on candidates, using very specific parameters, in order to minimize the number of applicants that are actively considered. As a result, they exclude from consideration viable candidates whose resumes do not match the criteria. 

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Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent. Published by Harvard Business School Project on Managing the Future of Work. (September 2021) (page 3.)

How the AI Writer Works


What Are You Writing

Tell the AI wiriter what you're working on. Select from cover letter, resume summary, work experience bullet points, or paragraph of work experience.



Tell the AI writer what your content should be based on. Select from a job title, a combination of a job title+skills, or even a specific job description.



In a matter of seconds you'll have high quality results, ready to fine tune to your client's experience. Save results you like and improve future results.


AI Writing Assistant

Your wish is its command. Auto-generate job specific cover letters and resume content with the power of AI. Never get stuck with writer's block again.

Cover Letters

Write entire cover letters based on a job title, skills, or even a specific job description.

Work Experience

Write work experience sections based on a job title, skills, or even a specific job description.

Resume Summaries

Write entire resume summaries based on a job title, skills, or even a specific job description.

Bullet Points

Write resume bullet points based on a job title, skills, or even a specific job description.

Colleagues Working in Office

"Best resume service ever! Tried Ideal Resume when my previous resume did not receive any call backs. Reapplied online with my new Ideal Resume version and received a reply for an interview the next morning!"

- Dee R, Georgia, USA

Focused Office Workers

"Incredibly helpful and insightful. I was able to get interviews with every position I was seriously considering and ultimately landed a new job."

- Luke M, California, USA

Focused Office Workers
Focused Office Workers
Young Businesswomen

"Worked like a charm. I have multiple interviews setup for next week. Thank you!"

- Juliet R, California, USA

Tips and tutorials

Insights and tips to help you land your next job faster

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