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Companies have teams and technology backing their hiring process. It's time job seekers have the same advantage. Ideal Resume levels the playing field for the candidate.

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Resume Match

Tailor your resume to any job, get more responses

Applying to jobs, but not hearing back? It's not you, it's your resume. Resume Match intelligently compares your resume to any job listing and shows you what's missing. Tailor your resume, get more responses.


Resume Templates

ATS friendly & eye-tracking optimized

Ever wonder what a hiring manager will notice when they look at your resume? We did too. That's why we tested and optimized our entire library of resume templates with eye-tracking technology to ensure your important details stand out. We've also run each template through actual Applicant Tracking Systems to ensure they are compatible.

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Organize your job search

Your job search headquarters

With our premium plan, each time you analyze your resume and compare it to a job listing both are saved to your account. Easily keep track of which version of your resume is meant for which job.

Luke M.

California, USA

"Incredibly helpful and insightful. I was able to get interviews with every position I was seriously considering and ultimately landed a new job."

Success Stories

Dee R. 

Georgia, USA

"Best resume service ever! Tried Ideal Resume when my previous resume did not receive any call backs. Reapplied online with my new Ideal Resume version and received a reply for an interview the next morning!"

Juliet R.

California, USA

"Worked like a charm. I have multiple interviews setup for next week. Thank you!"


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