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You'll notice that there is no "skills" section in our resume template. That's intentional. The reason for this is virtually every ATS on the market will ignore skills listed in a separate skills section. Why? Because a skills section leaves an ATS with no way to quantify or measure your alleged skills. To illustrate, if I told you I can write your resume for you does that convince you to hire me as your resume writer? It doesn't. That's because I've left you with no way to quantify or measure my abilities as a resume writer. You would rightfully want to know things like how long I've been writing resumes, how many resumes I've written, and how many of those resumes actually lead to interviews. An ATS is no different from you as a discerning job seeker. An ATS needs answers on why you are qualified to list a skill. That being said, your skills, therefore, belong in your work history which allows an ATS to discern how long you have used the skill, in what job you used the skill, with what company you used the skill, and so on.

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