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Expand your coaching capacity and improve client employment outcomes.

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Better Employment Outcomes

  • Optimize & score existing resumes

  • Build new resumes with AI writer

  • Build cover letters with AI writer

  • Optimize LinkedIn profiles

  • Provide tailored job recommendations

Use Ideal Resume to increase your coaching efficiency and get more done in less time. Ideal Resume Coach has it all.

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Make Their Resumes Stand Out

Large companies receive millions of resumes a year.

Corporate job postings often attract thousands of applicants. Use Ideal Resume to tailor client resumes so they get noticed in a crowd.

The Challenges Candidates Face

Automated-hiring systems are excluding many people from job discussions at a time when additional employees are desperately needed.


“ These systems (ATS) are vital; however, they are designed to maximize the efficiency of the process. That leads them to hone in on candidates, using very specific parameters, in order to minimize the number of applicants that are actively considered. As a result, they exclude from consideration viable candidates whose resumes do not match the criteria. 

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Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent. Published by Harvard Business School Project on Managing the Future of Work. (September 2021) (page 3.)

How Ideal Resume Works

A user-friendly platform

Most companies, including 99% of Fortune 500, use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to process resumes. These systems can cause qualified candidates to slip through the cracks. Ideal Resume provides ATS tips, skills and keyword analysis and recruiter preference insights to get your clients in the “yes” pile. 

Optimize Existing Resumes 

Resume scoring tailored to any job description.

Matching Job Opportunities

Real time matching job opportunities every time a resume is scanned.

AI Powered
Resume Builder

Build a resume that writes itself. Resume builder with AI writing assistant.

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn optimization tools to help your clients get noticed.

AI Powered Cover Letter Writer

Use AI to write a cover letter tailored to the job.

Increase Efficiency

Coaching sessions don't have to be spent on resume basics. With Ideal Resume you're free to focus on the big picture career advice only you can deliver. Use Ideal Resume to add persuasiveness to your recommendations.

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More Interviews

Ideal Resume empowers job seekers and advisors to optimize resumes for any job, identifying the key experience and skills hiring managers and their automated hiring software want to see.

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Such Value for the Money!

It is such an easy platform… very user friendly! I really like the functionality that you can click and update as you go, so no need to dart or scroll up and honestly such value for money!”

Gen L.

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This is a Must Have

“You NEED Ideal Resume. This is so robust but at the same time completely user-friendly, heads and tails above other software that does resume scanning.”

Tamica S.

Career Advisor

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Amazing Product! Even More Amazing Service

"I've always felt I had great experience to match every job posting I applied to, but kept hitting walls of no responses to applications. Ideal Resume provides great feedback on what to change and why an ATS may reject my submission. Spoiler alert: when I compared the job posting to my resume that I thought was a great fit, it came back with less than 50% match, which would be rejected by the ATS! Note about the amazing service. The Founder took the time to record a 5 minute video answering a question I had.”

Cy A.

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Improve job seeker employment outcomes

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