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7 Seconds To Make An Impression

According to a study published by The Ladders job board in 2018, the average recruiter will spend just 7 seconds viewing a resume before deciding whether to give it further review or pass. 7 seconds will not be enough time for a recruiter to read everything on your resume. While some have questioned whether this is true of all recruiters, does anybody actually believe every word of every resume that passes before a recruiter or hiring manager gets read? Not likely. The point is that positioning your most important qualifications in a way that gets them noticed in a short amount of time is going to be important if you want an interview. So how do you make an impression that gets you an interview in those 7 short seconds?

Eye-Tracking Designed Resume Templates

Eye-Tracking is a technology that uses small cameras to monitor exactly where a participant is looking while viewing a scene or document. At Ideal Resume we use this technology to test where participants look when viewing our resume templates. We then modify and optimize the resume layout to ensure specific areas get noticed within 7 seconds of viewing. This results in you getting a resume template that gets your most important qualifications and skills noticed, so you get an interview.

Access to all of our eye-tracking designed resume templates is included with our premium plans.


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