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Video Interview Tips

There's a good chance your next job interview is going to be a virtual one. Here's our quick checklist to help you prepare.


If you’re using a laptop, don’t sit the laptop on your lap. Place it on a stable surface. The subtle movement of your device while sitting on your lap can be a real distraction for the person on the other end of the video. This is especially true if you’re using a mobile device like a phone or tablet. Be sure to identify a stable surface and setup that works before your interview.

If you have a desk chair that swivels or rocks, consider switching to a stationary chair for your video call. Or just be mindful of not rocking or subtly swiveling in your chair during your video interview.

Find a quiet place in your home with a neutral background. If you do not have this available, you may want to check which video software system your interview will take place on. Many, such as Zoom Video and Skype have a feature that blurs or changes your background.

❏ Ensure your internet connection is stable. For high-quality video conference Zoom Video recommends: “​1.2 Mbps (up/down) for 720p HD video”​. Skype recommends ​the same.​ To check your internet speed you can use Google’s free internet speed test. Simply Google “internet speed test”. Here's a screenshot of what you’ll see.

Internet Speed Test

❏ Check that your audio and webcam are working properly.

❏ Be sure to silence your smartphone. This includes turning off vibrations for notifications. The buzzing of your phone on your desk will be a distraction to both you and the person conducting the interview.

❏ If available, using a noise-canceling headset will ensure that there’s minimal background noise to distract your interviewer.

❏ Dress in a professional manner and avoid bright clothing and patterns so that the interviewer is not distracted.

❏ Have a notepad, pen, and your resume readily available.

❏ Eye contact is very important. When answering a question, your eye gaze should be directed at the webcam and not the interviewer on the screen. You may look back at the screen when listening to the interviewer.

❏ Your body language says a lot. Sit up straight and place your arms on your lap or desk. Use appropriate facial expressions to show you are attentive and actively engaged. This will demonstrate that the interviewer has your full attention.

❏ Notify anyone living in the same house with you of your video interview schedule to avoid background noise or any other interruptions.


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