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Ideal Resume - Job Titles -- Lisa Scott.
Ideal Resume - Job Titles -- Lisa Scott.
Ideal Resume - Job Titles -- Lisa Scott.

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Simply fill in the blanks.

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If your resume isn't properly formatted it may be filtered out by a computer. Our templates have been tested with actual Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This way nothing gets omitted and your resume doesn't get rejected before a human even sees it.

What you'll get

More job interviews

We make it simple to quickly create the framework of your resume. Realistically, we know not many people sit down and write their entire resume in one shot. That's why our builder sends you your resume framework in a Word Doc. This enables you to think about the important details of your work history and write them when you're ready.

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A Professional Resume, FREE

Build the framework of a job-winning resume and receive:

  • Word Doc you can edit

  • ATS optimized professional template

  • Eye-tracking optimized layout

Our builder will help you add the basics. You'll be able to add more details in the Word Doc you'll receive.

Ideal Resume - Job Titles -- Lisa Scott.
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Ideal Resume - Past Employers -- Lisa Sc

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  • ATS Optimized Basic Edition

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  • Job Titles Edition Template

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  • Eye-Tracking Optimized Layouts

Our cover letter builder is the perfect addition to your resume. A cover letter can increase your chances of having your resume read by 40%. Our builder is as easy as point and click.

Cover Letter Builder

Applying to Jobs, But Not Hearing Back?

It's not you, it's your resume

The Applicant Tracking System Problem

99% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (or ATS) to filter the high volume of resumes they receive. Many resumes are never seen by a human, not because the candidate isn’t a good fit, but because of formatting errors that lead the ATS to incorrectly deem the resume a poor fit for the job.

The Applicant Tracking System Solution

The format we generate your resume in has been tested and tailored with the same ATS technology Fortune 500 companies, recruiters and job boards use to sift through resumes. This ensures your resume is never overlooked due to formatting issues. Get Started >

Our Templates Are Built With 2 Strategic Elements


Highlight What Makes You Stand Out

Once past the ATS, the average recruiter will spend just 7 seconds viewing your resume before deciding whether to review it further or pass. That’s why we’ve taken the unique step of designing our resume templates with eye-tracking technology to identify the areas hiring managers and recruiters most frequently look when first viewing a resume. The Ideal Resume builder automatically places your most important experiences and qualifications in these visual hotspots.


Download Your Resume in Microsoft Word

The absolute best format to submit your resume in is Microsoft Word. Word is by far the most widely compatible format for Applicant Tracking Systems. You’ll receive your ideal resume in Word Doc at the email address you provide. 

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