Over 70% of resumes are automatically rejected before a hiring manager even sees them. Companies use automated software known as Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS to collect, sort, and rank the high volume of resumes they receive. We help your resume rank higher.

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Sick of applying to jobs, but not hearing back? Try our powerful resume matching software and get instant analysis. Tailor your resume to specific job descriptions and get more interviews.

Luke M.

California, USA

"Incredibly helpful and insightful. I was able to get interviews with every position I was seriously considering and ultimately landed a new job."

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Dee R. 

Georgia, USA

"Tried Ideal Resume when my previous resume did not receive any call backs. Reapplied online with my new Ideal Resume version and received a reply for an interview the next morning!"

Juliet R.

California, USA

"Worked like a charm. I have multiple interviews setup for next week. Thank you!"

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ATS Score Overview

Match Score


Aim for 80% or more.

This score determines whether your resume will pass an ATS or not. Review your results, adjust your resume accordingly and reanalyze to improve your score. Score of 80% or more = high chance of interview.













Skills Details

= Good to go! Found in job description and your resume. Great job! These skills contribute to your match score.

= Missing from your resume. Add these to your resume to match the job and increase your score.

Found In Resume & Job


Missing From Resume

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